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 Thank you for considering Midwest Sustainable Construction for your new home. If you’re reading this it’s because…

  •   You’ve always dreamed of owning a comfortable, beautiful home
  •   You’d love to save 50% to 70% or more on monthly utility costs
  •   Your health, or that of a loved one, depends on clean, toxin-free indoor air
  •   You want a superior quality design built to a higher standard than conventional state code
  •   You believe sustainably built, energy-efficient structures are good for the planet
  •   You geek out on leading-edge edge performance design and technology
  •   Or all of the above!

Our mission is to provide you with an affordable, comfortable, healthful, energy-efficient home in which to enjoy your life.

To us, that’s the cornerstone of home ownership.

When we build a home for your family it has to be good enough for our own families to live in. It has to be a home we’d be proud to own. That’s why we developed a system of sustainable construction that’s energy efficient, dramatically reduces operating costs, ensures healthy indoor air and increased comfort, and respects our environment and natural resources.

After more than 50 years combined experience constructing all kinds of buildings, using all kinds of materials and methods, this is the system we believe in.

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We design and build custom single-family residential homes, construct multifamily and workforce housing projects. We’ve built – and won an Excellence in Design award for – a commercial building for the agriculture industry. No two projects are alike, but all are built to the Midwest Sustainable Construction standards of excellence.


You won’t have to settle for a cookie cutter design or prefabricated components when we build your new home. Your design and your plans will be tailored to your specific wants and needs.

We’ll work with you hand in hand to create whatever kind of home you desire, from an efficient, affordable starter home with low monthly operating costs, to a sophisticated solar powered zero-energy luxury dream home. Ready to retire? We can design a comfortable, high-performance clean-air home with very low operating cost and your choice of helpful aging-in-place amenities built right in.


Whatever kind of home we create for you, you will always enjoy the savings in cost and energy, plus the health benefits and increased comfort, that we design into everything we build.  As the owner of a Midwest Sustainable Construction home, you’ll enjoy a number of exclusive advantages, including:

  •   Extremely low, or even net-zero energy consumption for low operating costs,
  •   Leading-edge performance design for all major systems, from the foundation to the roof and everything in between,
  •   Green materials, products, mechanical systems and appliances to protect your family’s health, and
  • Sustainable construction methods and Energy Star rated components to protect the environment and conserve natural resources.

After more than 50 years combined experience constructing all kinds of buildings, using all kinds of materials and methods, this is the system we believe in.

For details on the materials and suppliers we choose, our state-of-the-art technologies and methods, and more.

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Midwest Sustainable Construction strives to be an ongoing resource and hub for homeowners and business owners. Here you will find an abundance of information on high-performance homes, and links to outside resources and documents. The resource library will continue to expand as we find and develop materials.

About us

Midwest Sustainable Construction homes perform at a higher standard than conventional building code. That’s because we design and build them to a higher standard, from the ground up. We have more than 50 years combined construction experience building single-family homes, multi-family housing units, and light commercial buildings. Once you experience the clean, comfortable indoor environment in every season, the pristine air quality and the health benefits your Midwest built hi-performance home brings, that’s when you’ll actually feel the quality and value of your Midwest Sustainable Construction home.

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