Build it your way. Build it a better way.

The cost saving, energy efficiency, health, comfort, and environmental benefits of our sustainable building system apply to all kinds of construction projects across the board, anywhere in the country.

We design and build custom single-family residential homes. We construct multifamily and workforce housing projects. We’ve built – and won an Excellence in Design award for – a commercial building for the agriculture industry.

 No matter what kind of structure we build for you or where you choose to build it, we’ll work with you individually to achieve your specific goals. No two home buyers are the same, no two regions of the country are the same, and no two homes we build are the same.

  •   If someone in your family has health concerns about dust, pollen, allergens, mold, mildew, moisture, bacteria, VOCs, asthma, or any other respiratory ailments, we’ll build your home to the Indoor Air Quality Plus standard.
  •   If you live in a very dry climate such as New Mexico or Arizona, we’ll build your home to the Water Sense standard.
  •   For retirees, we can build aging-in-place amenities into your home and design for superior air quality, ultimate comfort, and low operating costs that don’t fluctuate month to month.
  •   We can design secure, energy-efficient structures with low fixed operating costs for commercial clients who require a temperature controlled environment that’s dust and moisture free.
  • All of our designs are solar ready, making solar power a cost-effective addition to whatever kind of home you choose.

And if you simply believe a high-performance, zero energy, sustainably built home is just plain better for the environment, we’re the builder for you!

Whether you’re interested in an affordable starter home, or a spare-no-expense forever home, the question isn’t which markets do we serve.

The question is, what would you like us to build for you?